LEELINK ·Value application
Improve the industry's pain points in the industry,Create new tourism ecology
Three value applications
Industrial upgrading
Conversion of capital value
Virtual Digital Assets
Physical tourism applications,Embrace Technology,Promote product iteration
Commodity circulation application,Accumulate application data

Makes applications and investments virtually compatible

Business Domain in the exploration and study of blockchain technology,Blockchain technology is considered as a core technology that can be used as a business intelligence contract application.
The tourism industry ecosystem requires a trusted, interactive, traceable, energy-efficient distributed application technology based on IPFS distributed storage.Leelink is born of the times.

Leelink is a technology application and digital asset for the global decentralized tourism blockchain technology platform,To create an accurate travel value transmission network, restructure the credit system, restructure the data system, restructure the payment system, and establish an application circulation system
Global travel times
119 billion
Total turnover 5.3 trillion US dollars

WE · What can do?

Improve the pain points in the tourism ecosystem and promote tourism to a new height!
We always believe:
Leelink will promote the operation of the scenic area and the reform of the industry,Provide more comprehensive support services for tourism

Reconstruct tourism trust system
Improve transaction quality and efficiency
Change the operation of the area in all directions

LEELINK · Achievement love

GTS Committed to the use of blockchain technology to create an application ecosystem that integrates tourism, tourism service stations, artificial intelligence, asset digitalization, and transaction and circulation
Because of you, love together
'GTS', as a travel commodity value transmission and circulation token, is a digital asset for tourism value transmission. It combines the most advanced blockchain technology and electronic cryptography to decentralize, cross borders, trade flexibility, and price transparency. Can anchor the value...
5.4 trillion
Annual Tourism Revenue
1.6 times the total population of the world
11.9 billion
Global travel times
Annual Tourism Revenue
50.01 billion
Domestic tourist number
Equivalent to global GDP